Stella Blue is an American Sour Ale aged for one year in wine barrels with local blueberries, strawberries and rhubarb. The delicate flavors of the springtime fruit are enhanced by the crisp tartness of the beers finish.
Gold Medal 2015 California State Fair, Gold Medal 2016 California State Fair, Gold Medal 2016 West Coast Invitational Wheat/Saison/Belgian/Sour category, Silver Medal 2016 West Coast Invitational Best of Show, Silver Medal 2016 Amador County Fair, and Gold Medal 2016 North American Brewers Association

Ramble On Rose

Campfire Stout

11.0% ABV   60 IBU

9.3% ABV   38 IBU

6.0% ABV

Central Valley Breakfast Sour

6.2% ABV

Aged in used wine barrels for one year with the finest fruit from the Central Valley of California. It is a bright and beautiful golden sour with an abundance of fresh pressed white grapefruit juice. The tart beginnings are rounded by the lusciousness from the pears and the delicate, exotic perfume of the lychee fruit.

6.0% ABV

6.0% ABV

Stella Blue

Ramble on Rose was aged in used wine barrels for 12 months with locally grown blueberries, rose buds, rosehips and pink peppercorns. Refreshingly tart and crisp with flavors of berries and the aroma of the American Beauty rose.

Hop Riot IPA

La Petit Diablotin

Le Petit Diablotin, “The Little Devil”, is an American sour ale. The beer was aged in wine barrels for 12 months with local sour cherry & pomegranate juice.

West Meets East

High Water Brewing Company

7.3% ABV   45 IBU

9.8% ABV   28 IBU’s

Aphotic Imperial Porter

Inspired by the most respected and creative brewing practices and styles around the world, Steve is the Head Brew Master. He has a love of beer and unbridled passion for all things flavorful which have led to a line of products that represent the very best of the best.   Assisted by his wife Barri, with her culinary background and prowess in flavorology, they create a product portfolio that has a little something for everyone. From the classic styles to the esoteric. “Unique Flavors for the Curious Palate”.

6.0% ABV

West Meets East pays tribute to the age old harmonious relationship of the Yin and Yang. With fresh Kiwi and Kumquats, from the groves of California, to the Golden Ale that was aged in wine barrels for one year. The result is a bright and flavorful juxtaposition of sour and sweet with mystifying spicy and palate refreshing qualities

Old and In The Way Barleywine

Stout brewed with graham crackers, molasses with natural flavor added. Notes of chocolate and graham cracker topped with a hint of marshmallow will leave you wanting s’more.
Gold Medal GABF 2016 Specialty Beer Category, Gold Medal GABF 2014 Specialty Beer Category, Gold Medal 2016 California State Fair, and Gold Medal 2014 California State Fair

Ale brewed with Vermont maple sugar, Bourbon barrel oak chips and pecan. Sugaree offers a big slice of flavors that you wish Grandma had put in her famous Thanksgiving pie.

Brewed in the American IPA style with a definitive “Left Coast” attitude. Brewed with an aggressive bittering level which is complimented and balanced by a defined malt backbone. The final signature is the dry hop step where fresh hops are immersed in the finished beer to provide the floral and citrus aromas of our IPA
Bronze Medal 2016 Amador County Fair

6.5% ABV   39 IBU

Sugaree Maple Pecan Pie

This Barley Wine Style Ale is brewed in the traditional English Barley Wine Style. Flavors of toffee, treacle and caramel emerge as the beer opens up. Enjoy this beer a little warmer to fully appreciate the depth and complexity of flavors in this beer.
Silver Medal 2017 Arizona Strong Beer Festival and Silver Medal 2017 Coles Barley Wine Competition

San Jose, California

Aphotic is a beer with a very dark side. Just one sip and you will understand the true depths of its darkness as the deep, luxurious layers of malt rich-ness tantalize and tease your taste buds.
Bronze Medal GABF 2014 Imperial Porter Category, 2015 Good Foods Award Winner, 2016 Good Foods Award Finalist, and Bronze Medal 2016 West Coast Invitational Mild, Porters and Stouts category