Cascaderade - india pale lager

6.6% ABV

IBU: 50

Inspired by the iconic Cascade hop and named for the rugged mountain range that stretches from British Columbia to Northern California. This beer was carefully dry-hopped with the finest Cascade hops from the Yakima Valley, creating a citrusy, piney and refreshing West Coast taste. Elevate your Lager experience.

Dry Hop Lager

5.0% ABV

IBU: 28

The perfect blend of piney, citrus West Coast hop aromas and the crips refreshment of a German Helles lager. This classic lager style is dry-hopped with copious amounts of Amarillo, Simcoe and Cascade hops to create a new-age, West Coast craft lager like none other.

The big dipl - double india pale lager

9.0% ABV

IBU: 90

Uncap and Unleash the intergalactic liquid greatness that awaits you. Strong citrus aromas and passionfruit flavors collide thanks to the copious use of Galaxy hops. Prepare yourself for the hoppiest lager ever bottled by Sudwerk. This is one small step for mankind, and one giant leap for redefining lagers.

Seasonals and Special Releases

Redefining the American Lager!

mai bock spring lager

7.5% ABV

IBU: 40

This California-German hybrid Bock bier showcases the signature malt-rich mouthfeel of a Mai Bock blended with the tangerine sweetness of Mandarina Bavaria hops. Spring forward, sit back and enjoy this springtime original.

Rooted in traditional German brewing practices mixed with an innovative Californian twist, Sudwerk is focused on creating the highest quality craft lagers known to man. The hybrid beer styles can best be described as West Coast craft lagers.

Northern Pilsner

5.3% ABV

IBU: 35

Brewed with Weyermann Pilsner Malt, true to the style. A special blend of Bavarian Hallertauer & Tettnang hops are used during brewing for a clean finish. Winner of the coveted "Brewers Choice" award for 25 consecutive years and counting.

Davis, California

Citrus Gose lager

6.0% ABV

IBU: 15

This tart and refreshing gose-style lager was brewed with fresh navel oranges from Rainwater Ranch in Winters, CA. Dedicated to all the hard working farmers and passionate people that bring Farmers Markets to life and communities together. Best enjoyed amongst friends and family at your local Farmers Market. Next time you’re in Davis, be sure to visit the Davis Farmers Market, one of the first and most iconic markets in California.

Hefeweizen bavarian wheat

4.5% ABV

IBU: 18

An authentic, unfiltered, Bavarian-style wheat ale. Our Weizen yeast provides a distinctive aroma and flavor profile true to its Bavarian roots; spicy, slightly fruity, dry and refreshing. No fruit garnish necessary.

Doppel bock ultimator

8.0% ABV

IBU: 45

"The true test of a Bock is that a drinker should not know the beer's strength until he stands up." Roasted malts create a reddish black color and flavorful hint of chocolate. A long lagering process provides a velvety smooth finish.

Funke Hop Farm - dry-hopped sour saison

6.5% ABV

IBU: 15

Who’s got the fünke? This farmhouse style fünke saison certainly does.
A unique blend of of barrel-aged brew made in locally sourced Petite Syrah and Grenache wine barrels. Carefully crafted with a final round of dry-hopping to bring out distinct notes of citrus and stone fruit. Prost!

Fest harvest lager

7.5% ABV

IBU: 25

Ordained as the "official Oktoberfestbier," Fest Marzen is sweeter, more robust and flavorful than a typical Marzen. Specialty malts were generously used to achieve the higher, more festive alcohol content. This beer is best enjoyed in lederhosen.

Core Line-Up

MArzen amber lager

5.7% ABV

IBU: 22

Choice hops and five different specialty malts are combined to produce this rich, amber and copper-toned lager. Sweeter in flavor than Sudwerk's other core offerings, the Marzen has a full robust character with a smooth, zen-like finish.

3 best friends - coffee vanilla lager

7.0% ABV

IBU: 20

Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate. A match made in brewing heaven. Born in Sudwerk's tasting room, 3BF is an experimental blend of three simple ingredients creating a unique burst of mouthwatering flavor. Roasted coffee mixed with sweet cacao nibs and hints of vanilla bean, this brew is your new best friend.

The bourbonator - bourbon barrel doppel bock

9.0% ABV

IBU: 40

The Bourbonator is a limited batch of our winter seasonal, Doppel Bock Ultimator, that has been aged in hand-selected Kentucky bourbon barrels. The brewers allow the beer to hibernate until it is time to uncage the beastly blend of flavors including vanilla, coconut, hints of bourbon, chocolate, toffee and the signature velvet smooth finish of the Doppel.