6.0% to 7.0% ABV

Orchards: Hood River and Culver, Oregon

Sharp apple blend. Sweet and fruit forward "hints of tropical fruit"

Pairings: Spicy food or on its own


6.5% to 7.5% ABV

Orchards: Hood River and Culver, Oregon

Sharp apple blend. Semi-Dry and tart "warm ginger tone".

Pairings: BBQ, Pork or Cheddar

Salem, Oregon

Golden Russet 2014

ABV 9.0%

Orchards: Ashland, Oregon (Organically Grown)

Single varietal. Dry and fruit forward "rich honey aromas".

Pairings: Roasted Duck or Aged Fontina

Bottled March 2015 - 1,200 cases/60 kegs

Wandering Aengus fresh press and blend over 20 cider apple varietals to craft their specialty ciders. Their cider specific apples originate from France, England, and pre-prohibition America, but most are grown in the Pacific Northwest (some from the east coast). These heirloom varieties are essential for the depth and flavor, excellent body, and delightful aromatics in their distinctive ciders.

Their ciders are always Gluten Free.

Wickson 2014

ABV 7.5%

Orchards: Hood River, Oregon (Organically Grown)

Single varietal, crab apple. Dry, very tart, and fruit forward "strong citrus notes".

Pairings: Halibut or Hard Cheese

Bottled March 2015 - 750 cases/40 kegs

Oaked Dry

ABV 6.8% (2009) 8.4% (2011) 7.5% (2012 on)

Orchards: Hood River, OR and Lebanon, NH

Bittersweet/sharp apple blend. Dry and spicy "mild clove bite".

Pairings: Salami or Stinky Cheese